Monday, October 22, 2012

How to Convert FLAC or OGG to MP3 - The Easy Way

Downloaded some music, only to find it is in .FLAC format rather than mp3, and it won't transfer to your iPod or play on your favorite media player?

Here's an easy way to convert, without using converter programs of questionable origin (some of which, despite my best efforts, are probably turning up in my advertising on this blog...)

1. Download foobar2000 , a fabulous free (and more importantly, reputable) media player. Even if you choose not to use foobar2000 as your default media player, it's great to keep around and takes up very little storage.

2. Download the LAME mp3 encoder. Save wherever you like - I drop files like this in c:\utils. Unzip.

3. Install foobar2000.

4. Run foobar2000. Select File -> Preferences -> Advanced. On the right pane, you will see an option for Tools (see below)

5. Select Converter -> Additional Command Line encoder paths. Add the path where you saved LAME (for me, c:\utils). 

The above steps you will only need to do once. To save FLAC (or whatever format) to MP3, do the following:

1. Select File -> Add Files (or Add Folder, if you like)

2. Highlight the files in the foobar2000 main window, and right-click. Select Convert. Choose your options (I like 192kbps MP3).

3. Select Save Destination and convert!

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