Monday, February 13, 2017

Xfce - How To Execute Shell Scripts from Thunar or the Desktop

There are a few shell scripts I like to launch directly from the desktop or from Thunar - however, as of Thunar 1.6.5, this option is not enabled by default.

To enable executing scripts directly from the desktop or Thunar, you'll need to change the hidden settings. This appears to only work on Thunar 1.6.6 or higher.

1. Open a terminal and run the following command:  

xfconf-query --channel thunar --property /misc-exec-shell-scripts-by-default --create --type bool --set true

You can review the available hidden settings here. To view your current Xfce and Thunar settings, there is a Settings Editor accessible from the desktop in most distributions (or just run xfce4-settings-editor from a terminal).

Tested on Xubuntu 16.04.1(Thunar 1.6.10) - your mileage may vary.

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