Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to boot ASUS Eee PC from USB / External drive - Disable Quick Boot

6 Easy Steps to Boot ASUS Eee PC from an External Device:

I still love my old Eee PC after all these years...but I had a helluva time getting it to boot from an external drive so I could try out a certain linux distro.

Tapping the Esc key upon booting is supposed to bring up a boot menu - but no luck.

Turns out by default, it was configured to "quick boot". To change this:

1. Turn off your Eee PC.
2. Turn it back on, tap F2 immediately. This should get you into the BIOS Setup menu.
3. Scroll over to the "Boot" tab.
4. Select "Boot Settings Configuration".
5. Use the minus key to change "Quick Boot" to Disabled.
6. Press F10 to Save and Exit.

Upon rebooting, hit Esc and you will be presented with a Boot Device selection menu.

This method was tested on a 1000h, however I suspect these steps will also work for many older ASUS Eee PCs. "Quick Boot" may be listed as "Quiet Boot".


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I was showing a friend how much faster Puppy Linux was on her eeepc and couldn't work out how to get it to boot from an external device. Your posting solved that. I'm grateful. I haven't heard of BackTrack Linux before. Nice to know it exists, even though security generally doesn't interest me much. Sad that we need to be somewhat security conscious today. One of the things I like about Puppy Linux is that, being a minimalist OS it doesn't have any dangerous servers running by default so it is pretty-much impossible to break into the computer from outside unless web or ftp servers are deliberately run. Also Puppy can boot from a CD or thumbdrive, then the boot device removed, with Puppy running entirely in RAM, not touching internal drives unless deliberately told to do so. This also makes the OS effectively incorruptible. Cool huh?

Isaac Whiting said...

You are a genius. On the 1005HA it is called Quiet Boot, not quick boot, but works perfectly. awesome!

I the People said...

2016 and your post just solved the "How to boot Asus EEEPC 1000HD from USB" problem I was having.


John Twist said...

Brilliant, thank you been trying to boot from usb but no joy til I found this page. You just saved an eee pc from going in the bin lol

Royal Air said...

I'm struggling to install Windows XP OS on my Asus Eee PC Series. After I have installed using the USB it says I must make sure that the SCSI CD-ROM is connected but I do not have an external DVD ROM.

It also says that I must terminate all SCSI devices. Please help!